Fall 2022



This course is developed with third- and fourth-year undergrads in mind. The course will enable students to outline the histories and uses of transnational feminism and identify the challenges feminism faces across various political contexts. Students will connect across campuses to critically evaluate the subject of feminist inquiry and analyze case studies with a focus on social justice. While the individual syllabi will reflect the faculty’s unique expertise and interests (ranging from sociology through psychology to political science), the course will have several shared elements, including 6–8 core readings, 3–4 cross-campus blended-learning sessions, and 3–4 shared assignments. The course readings and assignments will be chosen carefully to reflect the needs and interests of students expected to enroll in the courses.

Transnational Feminism, Solidarity, and Social Justice seeks to develop promising connections available via OSUN to foster feminist collaborations in academia and beyond. It offers a sustainable platform for students and faculty from OSUN institutions to engage in rigorous academic work, inspire each other through artistic practice, and work closely with local and international initiatives to further the feminist agenda for social justice.


This course is not offered every semester. If your campus is offering the course, visit your institutions' course registration site to enroll.


Agata Lisiak

Bard College Berlin

Mohira Suyarkulova

American University of Central Asia

Elena Kim

Bard College

Alys Moody

Bard College