Spring 2023



The Global History Lab offers a blended, free, and open-access course on The History of the World since 1300 covering the history of globalization. The course, taught at Princeton University to students around the world, is a platform for learning, skill development, and collaboration in the creation of new narratives across global divides. Using cutting-edge technologies, innovative pedagogical practices, and training in oral history and documentary methods, the Global History Lab prepares students to understand the global past and put their lived experiences in wider contexts. Students interact across OSUN's network and learn global history globally. 28 partner institutions provide tutors and in-class engagement.

The GHL program begins with its first course, History of the World or "HOW," which is a course about world history from 1300 to the present. The GHL's second course, Global History Dialogues, carries deep exchange one more step by enabling all of the GHL's learners, including refugee learners, and their collaborators to transition from consumers of knowledge into producers of knowledge. Find more information about the Global History Lab here.


Jeremy Adelman

Princeton University

Marcia Schenck

University of Potsdam