Fall 2022



The “Feminism & Community” course is designed for advanced BA students at Bard College Berlin and for students at BRAC University. Students have in-person classes at their home institution, selected BCB-BRAC joint online sessions, and individual as well as shared assignments. The course explores a variety of feminisms across time and place through the concept of community. The specific themes and topics focus on transnational theories of community, global feminism, early twentieth-century feminism, Black feminism, intersectional communities, feminist communities, and projects in Berlin. We discuss how different notions of feminism have generated different forms of communities, for example through the creation of smaller or large networks, through group engagements with societal issues, but also through all kinds of writings (letters, journals, manifestos, zines), different forms of art and literary practices, as well as the setting up of archives or organizing political activism. Course questions include the following: What kind of communities do different feminisms create, for instance, salons, reading communities, women’s movements, political parties, concepts of sisterhood, communes, autonomous groups, bookshops, or unions? How do feminist theories across different geographical, national, and temporal contexts address the topic of community? And is a community necessarily premised on notions of similarity and shared values?


This course is not offered every semester. If your campus is offering the course, visit your institutions' course registration site to enroll.


Ulrike Wagner

Bard College Berlin

Laura Scuriatti

Bard College Berlin

Seuty Sabur

BRAC University